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4 min readMar 31, 2021


This is not a sponsored post, nor am I a financial adviser. Just a crypto enthusiast learning about the ecosystems of this beautiful crazy world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Today, we explore THETA network and its native tokens THETA and TFUEL.

What is the YOUTUBE alternative on blockchains? You guessed it.

But before we dive in the actual crypto, lets look at some of the popular memes on the internet, shall we?

Hah! That last one got me cracking! Right! Lets dive in.

The Problem

To decentralize video streaming, data delivery and edge computing, making it more efficient, cost-effective and fair for industry participants.

The Network

The Theta Blockchain is a purpose-built blockchain designed from the ground up for video and data relaying (receive and pass on) launched in March 2019. It has a unique consensus design with three-layer nodes: Enterprise Validator Node, Guardian Node and Edge Node. Enterprise Validator Nodes on Theta are run by Google, Blockchain Ventures, Samsung, Sony Europe, Binance, gumi Cryptos, and Theta Labs, with more major enterprises in the process of joining. The Edge Node allows you to relay video streams over the Theta Network and earn TFUEL, providing support to and other upcoming video platforms using the Theta Network.

The Tokens

The Theta Network features a dual token design. The Theta Token (THETA) is the governance token of the Theta protocol. THETA is used to stake as a Validator or Guardian node. By staking and running a node, users will earn a proportional amount of the new Theta Fuel (TFUEL) generated. The users are incentivized to both watch content and share resources. The rewards arrive in the form of TFUEL tokens.

Great!! But how many of these tokens actually exist? Let’s talk supply.

  • THETA: The supply of THETA is fixed at 1 billion and will never increase.
  • TFUEL: At genesis, there were 5 billion TFUEL and the supply increases annually at a fixed percentage set at the protocol level (currently 5%).

Now you must be thinking ‘Which token should I prefer?’. Well think of it like this: If THETA is ‘the ATM’ then TFuel is ‘the cash’. Now decide if you want the ATM or the cash. I think you already know what you want.

Awesome moving on! Now if you’re here looking for information on whether or not to invest in THETA, chances are you have already seen the rocketing graph. Here’s the latest one from Coin Market Cap.

Sitting at the market cap of $12,194,493,504. The coin at the time of ICO was valued at $0.15 which is currently trading at $12.20 hitting an all time high of $14.83. That’s a 8233% increase.

The Future

The future roadmap of THETA for 2021 looks quite promising, you can find it here on their official blog. Which is essentially this —

Now for the real question: Will THETA explode in 2021?

YES! and here are my top 3 reasons for this.

  • Lionsgate becomes latest Hollywood studio to bring content to Theta Network.
  • The 2nd US patent for Ultra-high Transaction Throughput Micropayments granted.
  • Theta Mainnet 3.0 launch scheduled for June 30, 2021.

A reputed youtuber ‘crazy4crypto’ has predicted the token price to hit $20 by the end of 2021. How’s that’s for some optimism.

Well there you have it folks. Thanks for sticking around. You can find me here on twitter. I talk about videogames, blockchains and cryptocurrencies.



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